Audiology and Speech Therapy

Audiology and Speech Therapy

Apart from a wide range of immigration and training services offered by Trailblazers, the education aspect of our organization also focuses on numerous speech language training and correctional services in different parts of Nigeria. Speech-language pathologists are autonomous professionals who have expertise in typical development and disorders of communication and swallowing, as well as assessment and intervention for these areas. In many parts of Nigeria, speech-language pathologists are governed by Nigeria’s regulatory body and must meet regulatory requirements to practice. Trailblazers International works with several categories of hospitals, government agencies, at the local and state levels, to offer audiology and speech language therapies to children between the age 1-8 and young adults between the ages 12-21 who have any form of impairment in speaking or hearing. We have an array of highly qualified pathologists who carry out field work from time to time in different parts of Nigeria, dedicated to training and assisting both victims and stakeholders. Speech-language pathologists are involved in a number of different activities to promote effective communication and swallowing for the individuals they serve across different parts of Nigeria. These activities may include:

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Trailblazers International is a registered Canadian brand and a duly registered Nigerian organization. Our main focus is to facilitate training, conference and international study opportunities for individuals, corporate organizations, government institutions and parastatals in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and in the USA, Canada and Europe in general.

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