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Miss Deola O

I was based in Finland as a Masters student. After I finished my masters degree, I couldn’t secure a job and things became very tough for me. I had to resort to doing cleaning jobs to survive. I was introduced by a sister to Trailblazers on the possibility of relocating to Canada to study for a PhD. To my surprise, Trailblazers guided me and assisted me to submit a PhD application and I was admitted and awarded a post graduate funding of more than $18,000. My visa was also approved and now I am in my 3rd year of PhD studies in the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I will recommend Trailblazers to anybody.


Mrs. Ajibola

I was based in Ghana at the time I was introduced to Trailblazers. I had a lot of problems and could not figure out how I would leave Ghana to Canada where I would be closer to my elder sister. I was introduced to Trailblazers by another family friend and my admission was processed efficiently; my fees were paid on my behalf and all visa application processes were promptly facilitated. Trailblazers even went further to pick me up in Toronto Airport. Now I am in Toronto, Canada running a course in Accounting and hoping to bring in my children later on in the year. Trailblazers International is the best.


Mr Tosin O

I was based in the UK where I was introduced to Trailblazers. I had applied on my own to come to Canada through the federal skilled program, but was denied. I was introduced to Trailblazers by another friend in the UK who vouched for their high level of integrity, professionalism and visa success. I got my admission through their assistance and also got my student visa. As at today, I am now a relationship manager with one of Canada’s top banks. Thank God for Trailblazers International


Mrs. Adekunle

I worked as a senior manager in an Information technology firm in Lagos, Nigeria. I was introduced to Trailblazers through a family friend in Calgary, Canada who had used their services before. I was initially afraid of relating with immigration companies due to the incessant cases of fraud associated with many of them. But, my doubts were dissolved. My admission was processed so efficiently and all my fees were paid on my behalf at the right time. I can confirm that this is an organisation marked by integrity and professionalism. As at today, I am in Calgary, Canada running a post graduate program in Health and Safety and my career has been greatly enhanced. I will recommend Trailblazers to anybody.


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Trailblazers International is a registered Canadian brand and a duly registered Nigerian organization. Our main focus is to facilitate training, conference and international study opportunities for individuals, corporate organizations, government institutions and parastatals in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and in the USA, Canada and Europe in general.

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