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Management structure

Our Management Structure

Kayode MaborejeActing Director, Marketing, Nigeria


Mr Kayode Maboreje currently acts as a key management personnel for Trailblazers International. He is the current acting director for the company in Nigeria and supervises all business activities at the corporate level for Trailblazers in Nigeria. As a graduate of Nigeria’s premier University, the University of Ibadan, Mr Maboreje has worked extensively for many years as a manager and coordinator of several business entities, and significant results have followed. Mr Maboreje is an astitute marketing professional with capabilities to win high profile clients for any business given the necessary resources. He has coordinated the marketing activities of Trailblazers across different sectors of the Nigerian economy, including banking, manufacturing, education and other service segments. Mr Maboreje has significantly impacted the Trailblazers brand and has continued to expand the focus of the company to cover several business interests in Nigeria. Mr Maboreje can be reached using the following contacts.

Email : kayode@trailblazersconsulting.com Phone : +234 07018250874


Christy AkandeManager, Marketing and Public Relations, Nigeria


Christy Akande is the manager in charge of marketing and public relations for Trailblazers International. She has been with Trailblazers since she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Language Arts from the prestigious University of Ibadan in September 2011. Mrs Akande is a dynamic and prolific marketer, communication expert and public relations professional whose expertise has continued to reposition Trailblazers as a leading education consulting organization in Nigeria and around the world. Her role has linked her up with numerous individual and corporate clients around the length and breadth of the Nigerian market, making it possible for Trailblazers to consistently achieve her strategic objectives. From day to day design of strategic marketing plans, to the development of top of the range communication and public relation strategies, Christy Akande remains a force to reckon with in promoting the Trailblazers brand among diverse groups of individual and corporate clients within and outside of Nigeria. Christy can be reached on her email and phone contacts as shown below.

Email : Christy@trailblazersconsulting.com


Paul A.I.Senior Consultant, Marketing and Logistics, UK, Africa and North America


Paul holds a doctorate degree in Human Resource Management from a prestigious British University and other high calibre degrees, including an MBA from the prestigious Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. He is an accomplished consultant recognized by the Canadian Management Consulting Association. He is a certified Business Analyst professional and a certified project management professional who has worked extensively as a researcher and consultant with many multinational organizations in Africa, Europe and North America including De Beers Mining Company (South Africa); PCT UK Ltd, UCL London, Ivory Research London, Loblaw Canada and Bank of Montreal, Canada among others. Paul is currently in charge of marketing and logistics for Trailblazers International outreaches in the UK, Africa and North America. He is an expert of international repute, a prolific writer, marketer and public speaker whose unique skills and expertise have significantly impacted Trailblazers since inception. Paul can be reached on his email and phone contacts as shown below.

Email : info@trailblazersimmigration.com


Ann OSenior Manager, Marketing, UK and Canada


Ann is a seasoned marketer and currently a senior management staff of Trailblazers International. A graduate of the prestigious Humber College, Canada. Ann is a force to reckon with in the Trailblazers business. As a certified event planner, she continues to win large scale business opportunities for Trailblazers in the UK and in Canada. Ann is a natural motivator of prospective clients, and this has greatly impacted on the growth of Trailblazers since she joined as a senior management staff. She continues to inspire other staffs within the UK and Canada in meeting their strategic marketing objectives, while fulfilling their individual career goals.


Leroy UbahSenior Accountant and Tax Consultant, Canada


Mr Leroy Ubah is an accountant per excellence. He holds an MBA degree and several professional accounting designations, including the globally acclaimed Certified Public Accounting certification (USA and Canada accredited). Mr Ubah has worked as a senior accountant in several organizations in Nigeria and Canada for more than twenty years. He currently has a business relationship with Trailblazers International and has acted in the capacity of the company accountant and tax consultant since inception.


Abimbola Gbemisoye OniSenior Consultant, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology


Abimbola Oni holds a Masters degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan in Audiology and speech language pathology and is the coordinator of our speech language projects all across Nigeria. This is part of the vision of the company to extend the education aspects of our services to cover correctional educational practices for victims of speech disorders in Nigeria. As a versatile and proficient expert in this area, she has worked directly with children and adults in different places across Nigeria in providing speech language therapies for these categories of people. She combines a contagious attitude of poise with professionalism to assist dozens of children in Oyo State and in other parts of Nigeria in regaining their speaking and hearing abilities. She has also supervised numerous trainings and facilitations of speech language courses for other upcoming pathologists. She has been involved with research work on Speech language projects for Trailblazers in the UK and Canada.

Email : abimbola@trailblazersconsulting.com

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Trailblazers International is a registered Canadian brand and a duly registered Nigerian organization. Our main focus is to facilitate training, conference and international study opportunities for individuals, corporate organizations, government institutions and parastatals in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and in the USA, Canada and Europe in general.

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